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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. [explosion] >> what should have been a day of accomplishment for thousands of runners turned into tragedy. a bombing at the boston marathon killed three people and injured more than 100. we are learning investigators are now searching an apartment in a boston suburb. president obama promises those behind this will be brought to justice. >> we will find out who did this and why they did this. any response groups will feel the weight of justice. >> it's tuesday, april 16. i am scott thuman. >> i'm greta kreuz, in for cynne simpson. first, let's a check on traffic and weather. meteorologist jacqui jeras. >>
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good morning. we have a cloudy start. patchy mist in a few spots. temperatures in the 50's. 57 in d.c.'s today, we will continue to have an unsettled week with a lot of opportunities for a few showers. temperatures will be above average the next several days. we should top 70 in this afternoon. cooldown expected by the weekend. more details on that in a few minutes from the belfort furniture weather center. now, let's check on traffic with jamee. >> mostly quiet. utility work in the weeds and area of maryland, georgia avenue at university boulevard, a couple lanes blocked. light volume. pennsylvania avenue, woodyard road, overnight construction. nih, on thea near southbound side, one lane
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getting by. in light volume. road eachcanal direction between arizona and the chain bridge. that should be done by 5:00. we are good on va 95 up to the beltway. back to you. >> thank you. inwant to get to new details monday's deadly bombing at the boston marathon. police are searching an apartment in a boston suburb. >> massachusetts state police will only tell us that a search warrant related to the investigation has been served. tahman bradley has a latest. >> this morning the city of boston is on heightened alert to 1124 hours after terror erupted. thousands were celebrating patriots' day and running the boston marathon when a few yards from the finish line at 2: 50 p.m. the first bomb exploded. >> multiple people down here.
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stand by. the whitensued among smoke. then another explosion seconds later. three people killed including an eight-year-old boy. more than 140 injured. it's i saw the smoke and then everybody running everywhere. >> i saw quite a few casualties and one guy with his legs gone and feed missing and shrapnel and people in the side of the head. correct the bombs went off four hours after the start of the race, just 50 to 100 yards apart. local hospitals quickly mobilized. some victims were transported by wheelchair. one hospital official said that it looked like a war zone. president obama was notified within minutes. bostonian isdent will pull together and move forward as one proud city and the american people will be with
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them every step away. >> law enforcement sources tell they are coming over evidence. they're questioning a man being treated in an area hospital as well as a person who was trying to gain access to a restricted area five minutes before the blast. tahman bradley, boston. >> hearing from an arlington man who had a front-row seat at the finish line and captured some of the chaos on camera. s'wife and daughter were in the race. he snapped photographs and started recording on his cellphone after. the second blast, he went downstairs to safety. eventually reunited with his wife and daughter. >> my god. i feel lucky to be alive. my wife andhug
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daughter anymore. our knees were shaking. >> he will fly back to b.c. later this morning. at 5:00, tom roussey will join us from boston with reactions from who was in the area when the bombs went off. .- with a local woman >> typically, homemade bombs that you learn to build on the internet are sloppy. if this one was killed by someone who was a bomb maker from iraq or afghanistan, there are signatures of those types. >> and fbi investigators as it will take some time to examine the evidence. authorities are using security camera tape and cell phone video that returned in to police. >> d.c. and other cities have increased security at landmarks, and buildings and transit after
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this. pennsylvania avenue outside the white house was closed to pedestrian traffic and metro transit police have canine units and extra patrols at l'enfant plaza and other stations. there's no specific threat against d.c., but city leaders are not taking any chances. >> any time there's an incident anywhere nationally or internationally, until we have had enough information to feel comfortable there is no potential connection to washington. >> the university of maryland, maryland state police, and restored as county police have also increased security. an emotional tribute to victims of the boston explosion. >> some students at george washington university held a vigil just hours after the bombing. one student who was a boston native says that he's devastated by what happened. wasight before mass i saying the rosary. [inaudible] other theving each
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embraces.creases -- >> matt said that several of his friends in boston were near the site but were not injured. for with abc 7 and continuing coverage on the attack in boston. tom roussey will join us at 5:00 this morning with live reports from boston. at 10:00 this morning, we will hear from former virginia governor jim gillmor and the head of a national commission on terror response about those attacks. channell be on our news eight >> . virginia's campus will pause to remember six years since the deadliest shooting in u.s. history. a gunman killed and 32 students and faculty members beginning at ceremony-- with the beginning at midnight. there will be a moment of silence at 9:43 a.m. followed by
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a community picnic later today. bostonirs is giving taxpayers a break after yesterday's attack. and otherre on that business news, linda bell at bloomberg headquarters in new york. good morning to you. >> hello. we will see of stocks will bounce back today after taking a hit yesterday as the boston marathon tragedy unfolded. stocks plunged, suffering their biggest monday decline since november. stock-index futures are indicating a higher open this morning. we spoke with a fund manager in asia. he said the boston attack is bad news for market sentiment but he believes the impact on the stock market is temporary as investors wait for more developments. arears says that boston taxpayers will have a little more time to finish their taxes. the irs will provide individual tax filing and payment extensions.
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specific details are expected to be announced today. facebook is in talks with apple over its droid-friendly software called home. the question is will be apple users able to use it? and chick-fil-a is getting healthy. more on that in the next hour. linda bell reporting. back to you. >> thank you. 4:39.65 degrees, >> big developments when it comes to immigration reform. we will have more on an agreement reached on the biggest ov
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>> tuesday morning, a mild start. >> not bad, jacqui jeras. will this a repeat of yesterday? >> there will be similarities. we will be a little drier today and with more sunshine. and a touch warmer. the morning is starting out much the same, 57 degrees. we might see patchy fog and mist in outlying areas. i think we will be fine in the district. looking at the satellite picture, low-level clouds. you can see areas at the eastern shore where it is trying to break apart. we will have a little bit more
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sunshine today, allowing us to warm up past 70 degrees. mostly cloudy and 60 degrees at 9:00, 68 by noon, and partly sunny and 72 degrees by 5:00. some unsettled weather later this week. but there's a big cooldown in the seven-day forecast. now, let's check on traffic. wherecking out the areas there was construction, because no reports in maryland, virginia, or the district. 395 off the beltway, you can still see some construction crews picking up barrels at its own street. -- edsall road. , arizona, nowge that's open. georgia avenue and university boulevard, utility repairs
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occurring, but you can get through. >> it is 55 degrees. >> a setback in the effort to create tougher gun-control legislation in congress.
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>> welcome back. a check on our top stories. police are searching an apartment in a boston suburb of
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revere. a white house official says the attack is being treated as an act of terrorism. at least three people died so far and more than 140 are injured. several of them critically in two explosions near the finish line. d.c. and several other cities have increased security in the wake of the explosions in boston. pennsylvania avenue outside the white house was shut down to pedestrian traffic. metro transit police have increased patrols at stations. officials say there's no specific threat against d.c. virginia tech will pause to remember it was six years ago today that a gunman killed 32 students and faculty members and then killed himself. it was the worst shooting rampage in modern history in the u.s. they led a candle at midnight and there will be a moment of silence and a community picnic. a candle >> .
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the senate will resume debate on the gun-control legislation. senators who crafted a compromise proposal to extend background checks for gun buyers say they're willing to accept changes to the plant as more republicans, out against it. the bill also and toughen penalties for illegal gun trafficking and increase its aid for school security. bipartisan group of senators plans to introduce a bill today that calls for the biggest overhaul of the nation's immigration system indicates. it could create a pathway to citizenship for the estimated 11 million people in the u.s. illegally. it would also tighten border security, affect visa's for high scale workers, and create a new visa programs for low-skilled workers. former marine corporal charged with murder is scheduled to go on trial today. jorge torrez is accused of killing amanda in 2009.
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prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. he's already serving life sentences 40 separate attacks in arlington and is charged with murdering two girls in illinois. -- two separate attacks in arlington. >> a man was shot around 8:00 last night in the 1500 block of fifth street in northwest d.c. we don't know his condition or what led to the shooting or his name. and other violent incidents in d.c., a man was stabbed in the 1100 block of north capitol street around 9:00 last night. it appears that his wounds. are not wounds police are trying to find out who's responsible for that attack. -- his wounds are not life- threatening. anthony arntrgeant at the a fatally shot a girl named miller.
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today's funeral is at 10:00 this morning at st. mary's catholic church in rockville. >> of fairfax county teenager is trying to spread the message that distracted driving kills. a 17-year-old was one of 10 finalists in the toyota teen driver video challenge. he was one of hundreds who submitted videos to inspire their peers to drive more safely and to avoid distractions like texting while driving. watching tv, you on't want your comedy show interrupted by a somber show about teenage driving fatalities. so i will come up with a way to become a humorous about it while still maintaining a serious message. >> check out the videos and vote for your favorite by going to the contest ends at 5:00 p.m. today. >> that's great to see a.
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clever way to do that. it is time to check on what the day has in store. >> jacqui jeras. >> not a bad day, a little better than yesterday. we will have some similarities. this morning is a lot like yesterday morning, just a little drier. drizzle in a few spots. a little foggy in winchester right now. fine in the district and 57 degrees. 56 at dulles, 54 in gaithersburg and winchester. the 57 in culpeper. lexington park, 56. throughout much of the week. limited opportunities for sunshine. you'll get some breaks this afternoon especially. mostly dry today. we have a cold front across the midwest. this could pick up some stronger and thunderstorms throughout the ohio river valley this afternoon. the time it arrives here yesterday, it will be just a shower here or there.
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futurecast showing cloudy conditions. in the '60s and '70s this afternoon. there you see the cold front approaching. for showersunities here and there is through the afternoon on wednesday. ll now.about as mostly cloudy skies today. patchy drizzle this morning in outlying areas. 70-75 degrees this afternoon. much warmer before the weekend arrives. here's jamee. >> a good time to get going. 395 to and across the 14th street bridge into town, lower 14th street and (. there's a closure on pennsylvania avenue getting ready for the d.c. emancipation day parade and festival. closed between 14th street and 12th street. 13th street is also closed in that area. canal road between the chain bridge and arizona avenue has reopened.
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a good trip around the capital beltway. back to you. >> thank you. 4:53, 55 degrees on this tuesday morning. >> jacoby jones apparently does not like to wear a shirt on "dancing with the stars." his latest performance. >> ♪ improved. he
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>> we're getting a look at new photographs of the newest addition to the bush family. toerator bush gave birth margaret laura on saturday. -- jenna bush. they look so happy. >> very proud. >> 9 contestants on dancing had to pull off a side-by-side challenge last night involving the stars and their professional partners dancing a portion of their dance side by side next to two other professional dancers. 's zendaya scored the first 10 of the season. kellie pickler was second, followed by jacoby jones. >> ♪
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>> d.l. hughley natanz andy dick tied for last place-- and andy dick tied for last place. you can see who goes home tonight here on abc 7. >> i can see you on the dance floor swinging around with your shirt off. let's move on. singer faithseeing hill to usher in sunday night's football next season. she announced on twitter that after six years, she's done performing for sunday night. she says it was a difficult decision but that it's time to let somebody else rock it. >> ♪ >> 4:57. >> still ahead, some changes could be coming to the national mall. why
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